Sophie Coulthard - Your 6 Step Onboarding Plan For New Hires

November 10, 2017

For the last episode of series one it's a slightly different format - there is no interview but in this episode I share my top 6 tips and strategies for successful onboarding of new hires.

Onboarding is often missed in the discussion about recruitment and retention so I share what onboarding actually is, why you should be putting these steps in place and how they will contribute to better retention of care staff and ultimately - continuity of care.

I've spoken at length about this at various care events and had promised to cover onboarding in an episode. 

The next series will be back in January so listen until the end to find out how to become a participant in series two!


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Amanda Odd - Outstanding Care Manager With A Community Vision

November 3, 2017

Amanda Odd is a care home manager who achieved the CQC rating "outstanding" whilst with her previous employer, at a 112 bed dementia specialist home.

She is now running a brand new service in Dover and I was excited to ask her about the challenges of running a home with brand new residents and staff.

Amanda shares an enormous amount of information in this interview about how to involve the local community, raise money and get to the bottom of what "person centred care" really should be. I'm sure you'll be reaching for a notepad to jot down future ideas!


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Sara McKee - A Revolutionary Approach To Older Age Living

October 27, 2017

Sara McKee is the founder of Evermore, a new model and aspirational lifestyle choice for older people. Sara is not a typical care leader and Evermore is not a nursing or care home, so I was intested to hear more about her vision.

With terms such as "Mulinello" and "Tribe" she is definately thinking differently about how older age living could be in the UK. She shares some fantastic stories about working with purpose and celebrating success which made this interview truly unique.


You can find Sara on Twitter here and Evermore on Twitter here

The Evermore website is here

I mention the "Happy" documentary on Netflix which talks about community living and older age living. You can find the trailer and website for the movie here


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Adam James - How To Get More Positive PR For Your Care Company

October 20, 2017

Adam James runs Springup PR, who specialise in helping care providers raise their profile, generate more enquiries and attract new residents.

I pick Adam's brains in this episode to find out how care companies can raise their profile in the local area, what they can do when they have a crisis on their hands, and how to get positive press coverage and why. This episode is jam packed with tips and Adam also has some great freebies on offer...


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Julia Clinton - The CEO On “Mission Outstanding”

October 13, 2017

Julia Clinton is a care leader who ran an inner city home at the age of 31, moved into the corporate care sector, and is now back doing what she loves the most- having day to day interactions with residents, their families, and the frontline team.

Julia shares so much in this interview about how she took over a home which was at crisis point, and the steps she put in place to turn things around. We also talk about work life balance, winning care awards and Julia shares a great story about dancing grannies vs Honey G's. You'll have to listen to find out!


Julia is CEO of Sonnet Care Homes and their website is here

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Rob Coulthard - Developing Values And Culture To Become Outstanding

October 6, 2017

Rob Coulthard is a performance coach who works with care companies to develop values and culture. He is the MD of Judgement Index which was used for the second part of the recent study of outstanding care managers, which Cedi Frederick talked about in episode one.

In this episode Rob talks more about the research and also shares the secrets of the outstanding care companies he works with and the steps they take to create a great culture within their organisations. There's a great story at the end you can go away and try with your team!


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Jessica Taylor - Outstanding Care Manager Who Pushes Client Independence

September 29, 2017

Jessica Taylor is a manager who's home has been rated Outstanding in all 5 CQC catagories.

In this interview she shares about the joint effort from the whole company to get them there, and how she has every faith they will achieve it again. She talks refreshingly about wearing jeans and trainers to work because she's a carer first and heels aren't practical and we also get into how they celebrated those 5 outstanding stars.


Jessica works for London Care Partnership whose website is here

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Michelle Purse - Why Your Facebook Page Is Your (not so secret) Weapon For Your Company

September 22, 2017

Michelle Purse is a Facebook expert with over 20 years experience of helping very busy small business owners with all of their marketing needs.

She shares why having a Facebook page as a care company is a great way to build trust with potential residents and their families, attract new staff and promote events and fundraisers. The episode is jam packed full of ideas so have a notepad at the ready and if the last post on your Facebook page was a month ago she will give you enough ideas to keep you going for at least the next one!

Be sure to check out the links as Michelle has some great freebies for you to get started...


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Nicola Kelly - Outstanding Care Manager Who Refused To Drop Her Standards

September 15, 2017

Nicola Kelly is an oustanding rated manager, who maintained the oustanding rating on a second visit to the home she was managing.

Nicola shares some great stories in this interview which I'm sure many will relate to; including how she felt like an imposter in the early days, how she finds it hard to find work life balance and a great story about one simple change she made in a home that made a big difference.


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Cedi Frederick - What Makes The Manager Of An Outstanding Care Home?

September 8, 2017

Cedi Frederick is MD of Article Consulting, who recently led the largest research and study of outstanding managers ever conducted in the UK. 

In this interview he discusses the key takeaways from the research and also draws on his own previous experience as a Chief Executive at various care organisations, and how he strived to make a difference in the values and culture of the companies he was in.


"In Our Own Words" The Outstanding Manager Report

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Article Consulting Website

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